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PreOmic’s proprietary iST technology is an enhancement upon the in-StageTip (iST) method for performing sample processing, developed in the Matthias Mann Lab & first described in Kulak et al.; Nature Methods; 2014.

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PreON - Automated sample preparation for LC/MS analysis

Product Overview

The PreON platform was built to address the demands of reproducible, robust and sensitive sample preparation. It allows research labs to automate protein processing at the push of a button. Free up your valuable time, standardize your results and increase your productivity. 

  • Automates your label-free and chemical labelling workflows
  • Eliminates manual processing steps (only 5 min hands-on time)
  • Generates standardized and highly reproducible results
  • Works seamlessly with ready-to-go iST and iST-NHS kits

The PreON takes ease-of-use to a new level: plug-and-play method selection simplifies and streamlines your protein sample processing by automating the PreOmics iST and iST-NHS technologies. No change of chemistry is required, fast startup and consistent results are assured. Every step of the PreON workflow is also entirely traceable for utilization in beneficial use within regulated laboratory environments.

●     Process 4-12 samples in less than 3 hours
●     Onboard heated shaker: 10-2,000rpm; up to 70°C heating range
●     Automated swing-out centrifuge: max. 12,000 g
●     Automated pipetting: 10-200 µL range
●     Automated cartridge gripper
●     Optical & ultrasonic sensors control workflow quality
●     Plug & play methods, preinstalled menu-driven workflows
●     A bench top device: H 81 cm (32 in), W 65 cm (25,6 in), D 62 cm (24,4 in), Weight 71,5 kg (157,6 lbs)

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