Evosep - Enhancing LC-MS Performance

Evosep, which is a company founded by many of the early developers of the first nanoESI sources and the Easy-nLC systems, has now recently launched the “Evosep One” targeted towards the clinical proteomics market.

The technology is 100x more robust and 10x faster than existing systems while greatly enhancing mass spectrometer up-time. 

This new chromatography system is built to run more proteomic samples, more robustly. 

In short, Evosep One provides significantly less sample-to-sample carry over (10x), increased robustness, ease of use, throughput and chromatographic performance. The throughput is increased due to the fact that the Evosep One only needs a few minutes between the gradients, gaining more than 35% MS time on 20-45 minute gradients.

GenTegra -Nucleic Acid Stabilization Products

GenTegra offers a suite of stabilization products for ambient temperature storage, shipping, and day-to-day handling of DNA, RNA, and fluid biospecimens. 

The benefits of treating purified DNA and RNA with GenTegra reagents include:

  • Extremely stable, dry storage of samples at ambient temperatures for many years.
  • Eliminate the headache of available freezer space and associated costs of backup power and alarms for sample archiving.
  • Deliver purified DNA and RNA samples at ambient temperatures and avoid the cost and potential sample degradation due to delays in cryogenic or dry-ice shipments.  

CustomArray - Oligo Pools

CustomArray offers oligo pools which can be used as templates to produce complex libraries of oligonucleotides used for target enrichment for next-gen sequencing, synthetic biology, shRNA libraries, CRISPR, etc. 

Using simple molecular biology amplification techniques, greater than 10,000 reactions can typically be generated from one oligo pool at extremely competitive per base pricing.

CustomArray uses advanced CMOS semiconductor technology to enable it to synthesize thousands of oligonucleotides simultaneously. Each array contains thousands of individually addressable electrodes, which electrochemically synthesize a unique oligonucleotide at each electrode. The oligonucleotides are cleaved from the surface to create custom oligo pools.