EVOSEP ONE: For robust and high throughput proteomics

Product Overview

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics and metabolomics are fast growing and powerful technologies, with the potential to revolutionize health care and precision medicine. Evosep One has been designed specifically to address and eliminate the prevalent challenges associated with throughput and robustness of nano-flow LC-MS workflows while maintaining sufficient sensitivity and resolving power for clinical omics applications. 


Evosep One is a novel sample purification and liquid chromatography separation device, intended for clinical or large cohort studies MS-based proteomics. The most notable features and benefits include: 

  • Use of disposable trap columns reduces carry-over and cycle time. 
  • Partial elution from trap columns leaves impurities on the disposable traps, thereby greatly increasing column life. 
  • Gradient offset focusing allows shorter columns and improves resolving power on analytical column. 
  • Fast trap-elution and gradient formation reduces cycle time. 
  • Large part of the system configuration is running at 30 bars or less which reduces wear and tear. 
  • Large sample capacity with room for six 96-tip racks. 
  • Optimized, fixed methods enable up to 300 samples/day and up to 93% MS utilization rate 


Introducing the Evosep One: Overview Video

Evosep Literature

Evosep One Specification (pdf)


Evosep Systems Properties (pdf)


Evosep Case Study (pdf)


Evosep App Note (pdf)