CustomArray - Oligo Pools

CustomArray, Inc. is a provider of Oligo Pools to many of the world's leading academic and industrial organizations for applications including targeted sequencing, complex DNA libraries, synthetic biology, shRNA libraries, CRISPR, etc.  

  • Two platforms -- up to 12,000 unique sequences or up to 90,000 unique sequences per pool.
  • High-fidelity oligonucleotides with error rates as low as 0.5% (1 error in 200 bases). 
  • Up to 1 fmole of full-length DNA per feature. 
  • Rapid turn around time -- typically 1 week. 
  • Oligos up to 170 bases in length.  (Up to 200 bases for special orders) 
  • Competitive pricing 

CustomArray synthesizes DNA electrochemically on arrays of electrodes and then cleaves the DNA off to create oligo pools.  Two platforms are used to create the arrays:  arrays with 12,000 electrodes (allowing creation of 12,000 different oligos per array) and arrays with 90,000 electrodes (allowing creation of 90,000 different oligos per array).  The advantage of this process is that it can produce libraries of DNA at extremely low price per base. 

In addition, CustomArray also offers DNA arrays and related products suitable for the usual assortment of DNA-array applications (gene expression, genotyping, etc.), including an inexpensive, accurate, hand-held-sized DNA-array reader.